Modern manufacturing plant:

The ULPLAST’s modern equipment and machinery in combination with the automatic packaging system guarantees that the OMNITIP™ pipette tips are of highest quality and purity. Our production halls comply with the highest medical standards.

A wide variety of moulds allows us to offer pipette tips of various volumes and colors. The manufacturing process is continuously monitored which ensures high efficiency and constant availability of all types of goods.

Our qualified and experienced staff working according to such international standards as ISO and GMP, guarantee that the goods which reach the client deserve their OMNITIP™ brand.

The metal content in OMNITIP™ tips for automatic pipettes is defined for 20 metals.


The high efficiency moulds made of stainless steel are frequently polished, cleaned and sealed which allows for obtaining better clearness and smoothness of the OMNITIP™ tips.

Raw materials:

The OMNITIP™ tips are made of polypropylene especially designed for medical goods. The homopolymer used for the production has an excellent fluidity and exceptional translucidity which makes the OMNITIP™ tips very clear. The highest class PP and colorants guarantee size stability in radiation sterilization, autoclave sterilization, as well as in sterilization by means of ethylene oxide and electron beam:

  • radiation sterilization
  • autoclave sterilization
  • electron beam sterilization
  • ethylene oxide sterilization

Autoclave sterilization:

The tips can be sterilized in an autoclave at 121ºC /100kPa /20 min. Do not use a dry cycle as this might cause deformations or weaken the material.
The tips must be placed vertically in their packaging which ensures the required steam circulation (no shrink film). Before removing the tips from autoclave, the temperature must decrease to 60 ºC.
The autoclave parameters must be checked by means of test strips.

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