ULPLAST applies an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) according to such standards as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified by Germanischer Lloyd. Our QMS ensures that all of essential processes which have an effect on the quality of our products are documented, monitored and continuously improved. The Environmental Management System (EMS) guarantees that the organization’s operation is to the advantage of the natural environment.

ULPLAST manufactures its goods in compliance with GMP guidelines as well as those specified in the EU Directive IVD 98/79. All out products have the CE IVD certificate Compliance certificate.

Quality Control Procedures

The thorough quality control of our products is our key to success. The Quality Control Department has worked out procedures ensuring the qualitative inspection of all our products.

QC is carried out at all production stages, ie:
  • inspection of raw materials and components delivered only by qualified suppliers
  • inspection of injection moulds
  • inspection of on-going production processes
  • post production inspection
The qualitative inspection complies with the requirements of the ISO 2859-1:2003 standard and includes the following checks:
  • evaluation of appearance and colors
  • evaluation of leakages and short shots
  • evaluation of the jetting point
  • evaluation of the curve
  • evaluation of clearness and transparency
  • leakage test

The test results are saved in the database of the computer quality control system which independently evaluates the product in view of meeting all the declared requirements. Once all the tests are passed, the product receives the Quality Control Certficate and the product is released to be sold.

The products are sterilized by radiation according to the requirements of the ISO 11137-1:2006 standard which is confirmed by Sterility Certificate.

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